HemisFair '68 - The world helps America celebrate itself.

World's Fair Update now, from 1968! Just in time to plan your forty-five year old vacation trip! I think the car's warmed up by now.

The '68 World's Fair was located in San Antonio, Texas. Ticking all the boxes on the World's Fair requirement form, there was a Tall Pointy Thing with a revolving restaurant at the top, and lots of flags all over the place. The theme was "The Confluence of Civilizations in the Americas", which is about as strangely egocentric as we can get while still qualifying as an "international event".

So what's there now? Lots of stuff from the fair, actually! Kudos to San Antonio for not bulldozing all the interesting stuff to put up fifty Wal-Marts.

 An unfortunate angle on the Tower of the Americas, as it stands today,
in the shadow of The Dumpster of the Parking Lot.
The TOTA is still there, and apparently the restaurant at the top A) is still there and B) is still revolving, although I'm sure they've had to repack the main bearing since '68.

The convention center is also still there, and now houses a theater. There are a few government buildings, the University of Texas, and the Institute of Texan Cultures is there (read: shooting range).

Best of all, the general area is now Hemisfair Park, with fountains and plants and everything. It sounds pretty nice. If you're even down in Texas, look it up.

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Anonymous said...

This wasn't an official Worlds Fair. The official World Expo was in Montreal in 1967. This was during a period of American exceptionalism when the USA held "World's Fairs", like in New York in 1964, that were not sanctioned by any world body. USA! USA!

Ken's Blog Index: said...

Actually HemisFair '68 was endorsed by the BIE as a Special Category international exposition, similar to World's Fairs held in Seattle (1962) and Spokane (1974).

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