Smirnoff Bullshot - A cow, drunk.

Yes, yes. A cow is a lady bovine and a bull is a guy. Get off my back. It's close enough for a jokey title.

Chicago was basically one huge puddle of crotch sweat yesterday, and what's better on a hot summer Friday than a nice cool glass of beef? That's right! MOST things! So why not try making your own "bullshot" tonight? Smirnoff would appreciate it if you used Smirnoff to make it.
This is not the first time we've reported on meat-themed drinks. Does anybody drink these things any more? I feel like it's mostly an English thing, but then I don't really go in for the hard likker. A glass of beer or wine does me just fine, thanks. So, maybe somebody can wake me up to the vivacious underground beef cocktail club scene in the comments?

According to Wikipedia, a bullshot is a variant of the bloody mary, basically substituting beef boullion for tomato juice. Why does this sound gross to me? I willingly eat beefy soups, which is pretty much liquefied cow. Is it okay to drink a cow hot and not cold? Of course it is, but I can't tell you why. Go find an Englishman with a glass of Bovril in his hand and ask him.

I'm not sure if I get the joke in this picture. They went to some trouble to make the cow mask roll his eyes like the drink is stupid or something. Is he annoyed with the flower in his "hair"? Does the cow mask not want to drink the drink made from himself? Quite possibly, they saw an opportunity for a striking image and went with it.

Bullshot recipeCombine vodka and beef boullion in a glass. Add salt and pepper and drink. Do not make a weird face.

Here's the scene from Ren & Stimpy where they serve their "little brother", Kowalski, a glass of meat, skillfully recorded off a television with a handheld camera.

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Craig F. said...

Other drinks with meat:

Liver Transplant: Three ounces of liver juice with an ounce of Jim Beam

Chik-n-Chuck: Chicken broth poured over a tumbler full of Popov Vodka

Pea Soup: Two beers poured in a bowl of pea soup.

Craig F. said...

Maybe the "Liver Transplant" should be renamed the "Mickey Mantle."

"Hey bartender: Slip me a Mickey. A Mickey Mantle, that is. Har har har."

MisterFiveHotFancyBullBallshakes said...


Gotcha covered, baby.

Anonymous said...

Though the interview went well, and his resume was impressive, Perseus's comic antics caused him to be overlooked for the position...

Fil said...

This brings back fond memories. Specifically, When my older brother and his buddy made bologna juice in the blender. I have never been so repulsed by bolgna.
I wonder what Jim Gaffigan thinks about bolgna...

Anonymous said...

wHY PhIL R GO nOt HAve neW pOst???

tHis MakE HuLK AngRY!!! ArrrRRR!
HuLK wAnt SmASH StooPID ComPuTER!!

pHiL poST NOW!!

lOvE, hUlk

Fil said...

Hulk, let me pour you a 'bullshot' and we can talk this out.

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