1959 Lincoln - Fab one and a half.

Zoinks! Has the world gone crazy? This Lincoln ad features an endorsement from a decidedly non-honkyish person! This goes against my understanding of mainstream America as willfully ignorant xenophobes. Hey, nice car.
Hm! general Carlos P. Romulo. Never heard of him, but apparently he had an impressive resume', including president of the UN General Assembly and best pal to General MacArthur. Well doesn't that beat all?

What the hell is a "chancery"? The research and Googling team says it's a government office where records are kept. Another definition suggests something about a court of law that considers fairness when making decisions, and not just existing laws. Sounds like a nice idea. I wonder if anyone's ever actually tried basing a government on fairness? Novel idea.

Anyhoo, not much to make fun of here. The car's nice. 1959 was showing us the beginning of a more rational and tasteful era in car styling where mile-high tail fins were going away and long, elegant lines were coming into fashion. About time!

hey, you know what would make this Lincoln about a million percent cooler? Fewer seats and more wheels. Most cars look appropriately absurd when 'shopped into supercoupe form, as we have demonstrated time and time and time again. Pen tool, don't fail me now! Big and small, left and right. Click through each for the big version. You're welcome. Rude finger graphic gift right-clicky-save, engage!

The Lincoln makes a fine companion to Lady Penelope's six-wheeled Fab 1, from the old Thunderbirds TV show (and the source of this blog's name). This would, of course, be driven by the lucky "Mr. Penelope", whoever that was. Lucky guy. Six-wheeled Lincoln and married to a pretty hot puppet. Also, some kind of joke about hand jobs.

If you simply MUST have the more boring version of the Lincoln, here you go. You're still welcome.

Click for big.


gerald said...

Actually, 1959 was the peak of the big fin - see '59 Caddy for example. I had a '59 Lincoln that looked just like this (though not a Landau)

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