Soviet Sunlamp - Grim vanity.

(Photograph from Picture Post magazine, Feb 15, 1947)

Joke #1 - In soviet Russia, sunlamp gets tan from YOU!

Joke #2 - "Yes, my lord. We will go to the Shire and seek the halflings. We will also keep an eye out for your keys, if we see them." -Excerpt from Lord of the Rings, less-scary version.

Joke #3 - "...and so, students, in this model of the solar system, we can see clearly the relative positions of Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and one of it's moons Io, if they all shared the same orbit and were all doughy, middle-aged men. Thank you, gentlemen. You may put your shirts back on."

Joke #4 - The chair held aloft it's last defense... the Phial of Galadriel. The Ring-Daves love it not, and cowered from the light. Hopefully the cupboard would soon arrive, wielding the sword of Elendil, Flame of the West, or at least four sandwiches.


Craig said...



Dave Pryor said...

The first joke really got me.

Jeremy said...

Spin the radium parties are a lot more fun when we invite girls.

Phil Are Go! said...

Aaah, the svimvear commercials! I wish I'd thought of that. I loved those spots. Man that was a long time ago. "Eveningvear! Very niiiice."

Yakov Smirnov is only funny because of his lameness now. He is one-joke-pony, don't we think that together, guys?

Thanks for reading!

Jeremy said...

Eventually, of course, viagra-ite came in the form of a pill. The humiliating need to stand in front of the V-rays for half an hour and then rush home as quickly as possible was ended forever.

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