Kooking Kornir 6 - The incredible, edible meat!

Hey there hungry readers! just when you thought meat was here to stay, meat's back! And it's even more back with the help of those new "microwave" ovens! Can't figure out the buttons? Don't worry! The Magic Chef New Magic of Microwave Magic Cookbook Magic is here to Magic help you prepare your favorite meals Magic in just most of the time it used to take! Magic!

You don't want your beef too lean or it loses that wonderful chin-glistening flavor your family loves. It can be hard finding a cut of beef with a thick enough rind on it to appeal to today's family of eaters. Our "cover girl" was a heifer that lost a hoof in a combine harvester, which left her largely immobile for years... and deliciously tender! No fear of flavorless beef with our bed-ridden Bessie! Just look at that marbling! Rest easy, Bessie! You're only getting more yummy by the minute. Mmm-mmm-moo!

Everyone loves bacon, and simply everything can be bacon-wrapped! From left to right, rumaki, Shrimp in bacon, olives in bacon blankets, bacon oysters, and at the top... bacon wands! Yes, even bacon can be made better with a layer of savory bacon! If you don't like the thought of bacon wrapped around all of your food, you may be bulimic. Fortunately, there are many volunteer organizations to help you recover from your disorder and they'll have you back to bacon in no time!

Sure, meat's great for appetizers, drinks, and entrees, but what about dessert? What's to be done? Can't there be a meaty dessert? YES! At the top, you'll see our ever-vanishing meatcake, with orange sherbet filling, mushrooms, and drizzled donut glazing. Moving clockwise, you'll find our strawberry ground beef tart, made with onions, fresh strawberries, cream cheese, and rocky road. On the left is a two-pound cube of meat, served with green pepper. Dessert is solved!


Phil said...

The close-up of the savory fat was the perfect punctuation for todays article.

Sue said...

Think I'm having a salad for lunch.

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