1952 Ballet "The Cage" - "One, Two, Prance, Flounce, Five, Six, Mince, Eight!"

Joke #1 - A casual greeting between theater majors.

Joke #2 - The closing performance of "The Cage" demonstrated the energy with which the... no, wait. This is a picture from the cast party.

Joke #3 - "The Poor Fool of an Effeminate Male of the Species Finds the Stringy, Shelly Duvall-ish Female Irresistible, for some reason."

Joke #4 - "Ooooooh, 'insects'!!! I thought you said 'incest'. Okay, everyone, let's take it from the top."

Joke #5 - Production photo from the all-underwear version of "Gentlemen Prefer Reedy Weird Chicks, and Blondes."

Joke #6 - Realizing he is nude, the male dancer covers his shame with the crotch of a female dancer. And so, disaster is averted.

Joke #7 - I love the director thiiiiiiiiis much!

Joke#8 - "So tell me Labda. Do all Armenian Interpretive dance majors make love so wantonly as we do now?"

Joke#9 - "Wait, Yorgba. Ssshh! Go turn off the spotlight. I think my mother is home!"

Joke #10 - Fundamentalist Mormon Daddy-Daughter dance, 1952.


Sue said...

"This is Sixth Position."

Phil Are Go! said...

Thanks for posting, Sue! Just added joke #10 at no extra charge.

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